Miriam’s Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

At Power Lady Fitness we are more than just your typical workout gym. We focus on each members goals from exercise to healthy eating. This post is a success story from one of our happy members.

What did you do for health and fitness before coming to Powerlady Fitness?

[powerlady fitness success story] I was an athlete all through high school playing all sports my school had to offer. In college things started to slow down, I was used to being in such good shape I didn’t think I would gain too much weight.  Boy was I wrong! I had horrible eating habits, eating two plates of food at meals and lots of snacks. I slowly but surely gained 30-60 pounds. I was definitely watching my weight, but I wasn’t really doing too much to take care of it. Before I got married I did manage to lose some weight but shortly after the wedding, I gained all the weight back.

What was your light bulb moment-the reason you started exercising? 

I have always been working out, but on and off. Since high school I didn’t have a consistent routine not that it’s an excuse haha.  I had to move every semester with my husband so having a routine was hard for me to get into.  Moving back home and starting my business made me feel accomplished, so I wanted to continue those feelings.

What was or has been the most challenging thing with your fitness journey?

Loving myself-

I was on a long journey to getting back in shape. I first had to learn to love myself mind, body and soul. I needed to be in the right mindset (example not to stressed out, organize my thoughts) everything would be fine. I needed to accept that I didn’t NEED to be a Size 0 like I was in high school or like the super models in the Victoria’s Secret magazines.  Most of my exercise was for my appearance, making sure I looked skinny. I now love my body no matter what shape it’s in (accepting that my weight is going to fluctuate). The next step was to stay healthy and tone up.

Is there anything you are doing now that you never thought you would? 

Being under control-

Portion control was a big step for me. I love Food! I would just go back for seconds because the food was so good. I now stop after one plate of smaller portions and sit for a few minutes to see if I am truly still hungry.  I try not to snack (junk food) during the day. Now that I have started my business ‘Past Present Production’ I have stayed busy. I try to have little meals throughout the day or healthy snacks (hard boiled eggs, cheese, granola bars and fruit).  My husband loves junk food (but he stays skinny and doctors say he’s healthy so I can’t argue with him) I have felt very accomplished turning down his snack foods and that is one way I have felt major self-control!


What was your key to success?

Setting goals-

I needed to set long term goals. Better eating habits, going to the gym 2-3 days a week, drinking more water during the day and cleansing my mind at the end of every day (not stressing over things I cannot control). It definitely helps to have a work out partner to help get you to the gym and to do the same for her.  My mother has been my work out partner since I moved back to Atlanta. I have found that we both need a push a times, but have helped out each other for the better.

How has losing weight/being healthier and fit changed your life?


I would say I am a pretty patient person. But one of my biggest problems before was expecting results sooner than later. I would work out every day, eat less and I kept looking in the mirror for results to happen immediately. Because the results didn’t come as quick as I wanted I would get discouraged and think that I wasn’t going to lose the weight. I would really put myself down (again that would be an unhealthy mind-set).  It’s hard for most people to notice a change in their weight when they see themselves every day. So I just had to learn to take my time with a healthy routine and be patient with my body. I feel way more in tune with my body like I did when I was younger, but I have a way healthier mind-set to go with it.  I think being a graphic designer I am constantly reminded that most models don’t look like they do in the magazines or on the web.  Unfortunately young girls and most women don’t see that side, they are aware of the airbrushing and editing but they forget when all the ads are shoved in their faces every day.  I think it’s important for mothers, fathers, siblings and friends to help others stay positive and motivated. To love themselves and to know they can do it if they set their minds to it.

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start a workout program?


Now that I have Self-love, Goals, and better control I have to lower my expectations. I don’t want to get to ahead of myself. It is great that I have been working on all of these steps, but I can’t expect too much of myself. I still want to keep a healthy mind-set I expect to word hard on my goals but if I slip up (eating my husband’s junk food or eating too much at one meal) I don’t “punish” myself.  I just accept it and expect that it may delay me a little with my progress. It’s never the end of the world and I just keep pushing forward.