Halloween Candy Tips

Enjoy Halloween candy, the right way!

Americans buy almost 600 MILLION POUNDS of candy every Halloween! That’s a lot of candy!

Your child’s trick-or-treat bag can possibly contain 4,800 calories and around 3 cups of sugar, if they do it right!

Do you (when you sneak and eat the candy) and your child a favor by giving them better options.

Not So Good Choices:

  • 1 full size Babe Ruth candy bar has 280 That’s equal to a single-patty hamburger!

  • 1 fun size Kit-Kat has 210

  • 1 fun size Twix is 125

  • A Halloween favorite Candy Corn has 150 calories per ounce!

  • 1 ounce of Twizzlers is 101

  • 3 Jolly Ranchers are 70 calories all together!

  • 1 Dum-Dum pop is 27

  • 1 roll of Smarties is 25

  • 1 Hershey Kiss is 22

  • 1 Starburst (just one, not the pack) is 20

*Hard candies are a good choice because they take longer to consume which makes it less likely that you will consume a lot of them.

**Also, fruit leathers are a good choice if you want to go a healthier route.

nutritionBecky Tainter