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Meet Jane and Ashley

Jane and Ashley were interns at the CDC for the summer and joined Powerlady Fitness during their time in Atlanta. Read their experience below.


1. How has PLF helped you achieve your goals?

PLF has made going to the gym so much fun! I have been wanting to get stronger, and through PLF, I have definitely been able to do that. PLF has also empowered me with the confidence and skills to continue working on my strength training even after moving away.

Jane: PLF has helped me achieve my goals by making working out fun and interesting everyday. My goal was to feel strong because when I feel strong, I feel confident. Confidence can be hard to come by these days especially for women. Through a variety of classes and an empowering energy, I was able to focus on getting that healthy sweat with other women who are driven to achieve their goals. The different classes everyday of the week kept my brain engaged and my body challenged in all the best ways.

2. What was your experience at PLF?

Ashley: I have loved every second of my time at PLF! Being from out of town, I didn’t know anyone in Atlanta. I have gained such a friendly, supportive community of women at PLF, and they really pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and have fun with fitness! They even encouraged me to become a fitness instructor myself!

Jane: I LOVE PLF. I always looked forward to going to the gym - for real! I wanted a place with a lot of classes to pick and choose from. You get the high caliber classes, with the small gym personal touches like being greeted by name and fresh flowers in the bathroom - it’s the little things . And very importantly, PLF is AFFORDABLE! I was fortunate to find a gym that included classes in my membership. As a graduate student, this was the dream.

3. What were you looking for when you found PLF?

Ashley: I was just looking for something to pass the time! I ended up finding a community.

Jane: I was looking for a gym that was affordable, easy to get to, and had fun instructors who teach challenging classes. Mission accomplished with PLF!

4. What drew you to PLF?

Ashley: Honestly, I came to PLF because it was pink and cute. I stayed at PLF because of the fun and high energy classes!

Jane: My girlfriend, Ashley, sent me the link to the gym because we were both looking for a place. She directed me to PLF. I had never been to an all women’s gym before, but once I tried it, I fell in love. They truly value your fitness goals and your lifestyle.

What others are saying…


I love variety of classes that Powerlady provides and how instructors will show modifications for different fitness levels.
— Delyn A (Member since 1996)
As a person who had never even been to a gym, getting started was extremely intimidating.
From the moment that i walked through the door, the experience at Powerlady has been extremely supportive.
The environment is judgment free, non-competitive and suitable for all fitness levels. Their personal interest in you and your needs makes Powerlady such a special place!
— Sarah F (member since 2014)
I have been a member of PLF for almost two years and I love it. This gym is a special community supportive, encouraging, and not competitive. There are members of all shapes, sizes, and ages so it is easy to be comfortable here. The owner knows her clients and checks up frequently. You can tell she really cares about helping people get healthy. She notices when you come to a new class, change up your routine or loose weight/inches. There is a great variety of class- over the summer I actually tried all of them. My favorites are Thursday morning spin and Wednesday morning Cardio and Condition but there are a lot of really great classes. Powerball is a great workout and a lot of fun. Zumba is so fun it barely feels like a work out class. The strength classes really work you but the instructors are always careful about form to make sure you do not injure yourself. Bottom Line I’d choose this gym with a personal touch over a fancy boutique gym or chain any day!
— Laura R (member since 2011)