Powerlady Fitness' Sweet 16 Guestbook

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October 3, 2003 Becky created Powerlady Fitness in an effort to break away from the norm as a boutique-style workout center that offers more than chain gyms can offer. Her goal was to create a welcoming, comfortable, empowering environment where women support each other through involvement and education to ensure that everyone reaches their goals. Women of all shapes, sizes, shades, ages, and fitness levels are invited to join the supportive, nourishing community and access the wide range of effective programs, activities, and services.

For 16 years we have been working hard to keep Becky’s dream alive. Three moves, 1000+ members, 50 instructors, 22 different classes offered, and countless memories created.

To help us celebrate sign our birthday guestbook. Share some of your favorite memories you have had at Powerlady Fitness or just something you enjoy about the gym.

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