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10:00 am - Step Interval (C)
11:00 am - Cycle Fusion (C)
11:50 am - Total Body Pilates (TS)

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Gym Equipment Access

Cardio machines, weight equipment, free weights and more. A unique fitness studio designed just for Atlanta women – and only for women.


Personal Training

Personal training is the catalyst to creating the healthy, fit, strong physique you’ve never been able to achieve on your own Our trainers will help you: maximize your workouts, stay motivated, achieve measurable results, and accomplish a healthier, fitter physique.


Group Classes

Choose from colorful variety of classes for some rhythmic fun or a serious workout. Our experienced and helpful instructors will take you to the next step up. Join other women in our spirited group classes for every fitness level.



We are proud to offer services to mothers who need someone loving and caring to watch their children while they are taking time to exercise. We strive to provide a safe, clean and fun environment. We believe that happy kids make happy members.


Fitness Assessment

What makes us different than other fitness options is the quality and knowledge our instructors and trainers offer to you. If desired, Powerlady offers a fitness assessment to help you figure out your workout goals


Workshops & More

Powerlady Fitness is a boutique health club where we get to know you. We strive to offer events, workshops and challenges to motivate our members to succeed and be happy with the fitness level they achieve.


What people are saying...

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As a person who had never even been to a gym, getting started was extremely intimidating.
From the moment that I walked through the door, the experience at Powerlady has been extremely supportive.

The environment is judgment free, non-competitive and suitable for all fitness levels. Their personal interest in you and your needs makes Powerlady such a special place!
— Sarah F., Member since 2014
I love the variety of classes that Powerlady provides and how instructors will show modifications for different fitness levels.
— Delyn A, Member since 1996

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