When I moved to Atlanta I was in search of a women’s only gym that would give me a great sense of community for myself and my 6 month old son. I really liked that Powerlady fitness was a smaller gym and the classes offered were challenging and fun. The offered childcare was an added bonus and made my workout routine very easy. I quickly became friends with the other ladies in class and the amazing instructors. There is a great variety of classes to challenge any fitness level and plenty of equipment to use as well. Coming to Powerlady each day felt like a normal part of my day that I looked forward to. The positive and encouraging staff always made my visits pleasant and fun. My son went from just sitting up on his own to walking and talking with the childcare employees. They were extremely attentive and loved to play along with the other kids in the childcare room. The childcare hours fit perfectly with my workout schedule. My son loved playing with the other kids and all the toys. He was always so happy to come and visit everyone. He always was ready for nap time after a great time playing in the childcare room. I definitely recommend Powerlady fitness to help you reach your fitness goals and to have fun while doing it.
— Kristen
As a person who had never even been to a gym, getting started was extremely intimidating.
From the moment that i walked through the door, the experience at Powerlady has been extremely supportive.

The environment is judgment free, non-competitive and suitable for all fitness levels. Their personal interest in you and your needs makes Powerlady such a special place!
— Sarah F., Member since 2014
I love variety of classes that Powerlady provides and how instructors will show modifications for different fitness levels.
— Delyn A, Member since 1996
I have been a member of PLF for almost two years and I love it. This gym is a special community- supportive, encouraging, and not competitive. There are members of all shapes, sizes, and ages so it is easy to be comfortable here. The owner knows her clients and checks up frequently. You can tell she really cares about helping people get healthy. She notices when you come to a new class, change up your routine, or loose weight/inches. There is a great variety of class- over the summer I actually tried all of them. My favorites are Thursday morning spin and Wednesday morning Cardio and Condition, but there are a lot of really great classes. Powerball is a great workout and a lot of fun. Zumba is so fun it barely feels like a work out class. The strength classes really work you but the instructors are always careful about form to make sure you do not injure yourself. Bottom Line- I’d choose this gym with a personal touch over a fancy boutique gym or chain any day!
— Laura R., Member since 2011