Teaches |  Dance Cardio Mix, Cardio Burn, & Strength

Teaching Style | My teaching style is open and friendly. I’m always excited to see people who come to my class, especially new people, because it is my opportunity to welcome them and see them return for more fun and exercise! I approach my classes with intensity and enthusiasm. Exercise should be challenging yet fun. I try to give my students everything they need for a great workout.

Why I Enjoy Teaching

I love teaching because it is my way of giving back. Knowing that people enjoy my class and feel great afterwards makes it all worthwhile for me. The more sweat I see, the happier I am!

Words of Wisdom for Students

Start where you are. Set your goals in small increments and congratulate yourself as you achieve them. It’s okay to have a long-term goal, but looking at it in stages makes it more manageable, realistic and achievable. Don’t ever set yourself up for failure – just work out one day and one class at a time!


I’ve been teaching exercise classes for 15 years, including hip-hop, BodyPump®, Zumba and strength training. I’m currently teaching cardio burn, Zumba and strength training at Powerlady Fitness and I love it!