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Teaches | Boogie Ball & Tone, Yoga

Teaching Style | I’ve been called “tough but kind” by students and that sums up my style! I teach from a place of encouragement and efficiency. This means coaching good form and technique, while also challenging you and your muscles to reach the next level – wherever that is for you. A good form foundation helps protect against injury and ensures the best possible results. Music is an important tool in my classes and I enjoy cultivating playlists that will make the time fly and the workout fun.

Why I Enjoy Teaching Group Exercise

Many don’t believe it when they hear it, but I used to be very shy and afraid to speak in front of people. Teaching fitness has sure changed that! Sharing knowledge of health, anatomy, physiology and movement with people with similar goals continues to enrich my life and continues to evolve. I am grateful and honored every week by those who come to class to learn, blow off steam, have fun and share in common goals. Teaching exercise keeps me balanced, as my other work involves sitting and focusing.

Words of Wisdom for Students

Work on seeing your health and fitness as a living, breathing thing. Fitness needs consistent attention to thrive, and like all living things, its needs change over time. That’s okay and natural. Be gentle but realistic with yourself. Celebrate small victories – they add up to big accomplishments!


While always involved in movement through dance and horseback riding, I began my journey as an instructor when asked to audition to teach over 25 years ago – back in the days of leg warmers, mix tapes and high kicks! I have taught a broad range of classes, including many forms of cardio classes, boot camp, BodyPump®, kickboxing, strength, stretch and belly dance. I am also certified as a personal training and am a professional belly dancer. When not teaching or dancing, I am an illustrator, mom and caretaker of a menagerie of bunnies and birds.