Teaches | Yoga

Teaching Style |  I love teaching two unique yoga classes at Powerlady Fitness: Gentle Yoga on Mondays at 8:30 AM and Yoga Core on Fridays at 8 AM. The Monday Gentle Yoga class is a relaxing, deep stretch class. The Friday Yoga Core class is more challenging and is focused on yoga postures that build core and strength. Both classes are open to all levels of fitness. My classes offer a sense of freedom, joy and connection that students carry with them off their mat.

Why I Enjoy Teaching Yoga

I really love getting to know my students. I have had some of the same students in my classes for years! I hear about their families, jobs, vacations and all the significant events in their lives. I love that yoga is such an important part of their lives, too!

Words of Wisdom for Students

Come to class with a willingness to move, work and stretch your body and mind in new ways that may not initially be familiar to you. New challenges are opportunities for growth!


I have embraced the fire of transformation through personal yoga practice and teach full-time at multiple yoga studios and gyms, as well as to private students throughout Atlanta. I am registered as E-RYT 500 through Yoga Alliance and have completed basic and advanced yoga teacher training as well as yoga therapy certification. In addition to teaching and practicing yoga, I am Co-Director of the Southeast Yoga Conference. I’ve been interviewed on radio and local television stations to promote the Southeast Conference and yoga in Atlanta.