Teaches |  Cardio Interval


Lauren has been a fitness instructor for 18 years, teaching cardio, cycle, sculpt, circuit training, core exercise, and kickboxing. She has been teaching Cardio Interval at Powerlady for almost 2 years now. Energetic and creative, Lauren likes to add diversity into her classes and challenge members each week with different material. She is certified in group fitness by AFAA, health fitness specialist by ACSM, and cycle, step & cardio, and Pilates by YMCA. She stays fit by teaching classes and running, and enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with her daughter. She understands that in order to keep members motivated she must them where they are now – she understands that people are at different levels of fitness and does her best to customize classes to meet the needs of all members.

Fitness Tip | Do what you can to stay active: Participate in activities that you enjoy, and find ways to fit activity into your lifestyle by taking stairs instead of elevators, parking further away from destinations, playing with your children, etc.