Teaches |  Step, Kickboxing, Pilates, Yoga, Sculpt, Spin

Teaching Style |  All formats of classes from High Intensity Interval Training to Pilates mat work. I enjoy meeting the needs of a variety of students and being able to provide them with a great workout that meets their ability and fitness levels.

Why I Enjoy Teaching Group Fitness

Group fitness classes create a motivating and energetic environment which never gets boring, thanks to all the new modalities of fitness equipment and instructor creativity. Group classes are a great option for individuals looking for variety in their fitness program, while providing the inspiration of social support and faster results from the extra challenge that classes can provide.

Words of Wisdom

Approach any new fitness opportunity with an open mind. Consider learning something new and challenging your body as a journey. Be sure to reward yourself for small successes as well as the bigger ones. The most important part of any fitness routine is making it enjoyable so you’ll keep returning for more!


My first spark of interest in fitness began with going for long walks with my grandmother when I was a child. Soon after it was 1980 aerobics tapes, and before I knew it, I was teaching group fitness classes as part-time work in high school. I then sought to transform my interest into a career. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Education and a Master’s degree in Health Education. I have worked in many areas of the fitness and wellness fields. After almost 20 years as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, and with over 10 years with Powerlady Fitness, I continue to feel blessed to be part of this dynamic and rewarding field.