We are proud to offer services to mothers who need someone loving and caring to watch their children while they are taking time to exercise.

Our childcare staff has many years of experience working with children. We strive to provide a safe, clean and fun environment. We believe that happy kids make happy members.

Childcare Cost

$20 a month for unlimited visits (each additional child $5) or $8 drop in per visit

Childcare Hours:

Monday – Thursday 9am-12pm

Monday & Wednesday 4:30pm-7pm

Saturday 10am-1pm

Sunday 9am-1pm

Basic Childcare Rules

  1. All mothers or legal guardians MUST remain in the gym.

  2. Mothers or legal guardians must sign in their children when they come into the childcare room.

  3. If a child exhibits symptoms of sickness or illness (coughing, sneezing w/ yellow or green mucus, fever, pink eye or any other symptom considered contagious by the AMA), the mother will be notified and the child will be asked to leave the childcare room. Child must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to the gym.

  4. Childcare attendant is not responsible for changing diaper or feeding babies Please make sure you plan your workout accordingly.

  5. Dirty diapers must be changed immediately by the mother or guardian and the disposal of the diaper in a container outside of the gym.

  6. Children need to be picked up before childcare hours end. Children are not allowed in childcare room outside of posted childcare hours.

  7. No running is allowed in the childcare room or in the gym.

  8. The childcare attendant is not allowed to discipline children. If a child becomes disruptive, the mother will be notified for necessary action.

  9. No food, gum, candy or drink allowed of any kind in the room.

  10. Only the childcare attendant is allowed to hold and pick up children.

  11. Childcare is available for up to TWO hours per visit. We ask mothers to periodically check on children

  12. Childcare is for members’ children only (no neighbors, cousins, etc).

  13. Powerlady Fitness reserves the right to remove, or suspend children perceived as an endangerment to themselves or to others.

  14. Powerlady Fitness reserves the right to suspend childcare privileges from any member who neglects the rules of the childcare room and the policies of Powerlady.

  15. We are not responsible for lost items.