Transformation Tuesday!!!

Need a little inspiration?  Read Nansi’s interview below:

PL: Tell us a little about yourself.

Nansi: I have two girls and both are special needs.  I work full time from 6am-12pm during the week and all day Saturday.  A typical day for me is to work from 6-12, go home to have lunch with one of my daughters, pick up my other daughter from school and then drive 40 minutes to the Marcus Autism Center during the week.  Before knowing I would be taking my daughter to the Marcus Center I had decided I was either going to go back to school or get healthier.  When I got the call from the Marcus Center I realized school would have to wait.

PL: What brought you to this gym?

Nansi: My daughter was going to have therapy three hours a day during the week.  I googled places near the Marcus Center.  Several came up but b/c this one was all female I thought I would feel more comfortable coming here. At first I was worried that having one more thing ‘to do’ would add more stress. I realized I needed to get healthier so I went to check out the gym and decided to sign up.

PL: What changes did you see within the first month?

Nansi: My clothes felt a little bit looser and I had more energy.  I lost a total of 7 inches all over my body and 10 lbs. My stress level got better too.  I was really stressed before but coming to the gym helps me think more clearly and get rid of some of the stress.

PL: Did you feel like coming every day during the week?

Nansi: At first I didn’t, but once I got in the habit I did feel like coming.  It only took a week to get into the habit too.  I also felt that since I paid for it I would use it.  I feel so accomplished when I leave.

PL: What have you been doing each day for exercise?

Nansi: I do different things each time.  When I first started I did cardio to build up some endurance and to get into the habit.  I always do some cardio and I have added in some weights.

PL: Anything else you would like to add?

Nansi: It is awesome.  I feel great when I leave.  Life is still challenging but taking care of my health helps keep my stress down and helps keep me going. I needed to just stop thinking about it and just do it.  You can always find time to fit in exercise.