Member Success Story of Sarah F.

What did you do for exercise and health before coming to Powerlady Fitness?

Not much.  I walked my dog but did not take time to exercise.

Why did you start exercising?

I went to the doctor and I had borderline high blood pressure.  I started eating better.  Two months after that I decided to join a gym.  I have a gym at my apartment but I figured if I paid for it I would be more inclined to go.

What made you choose Powerlady Fitness?

When I toured the first time I saw the variety of fitness levels and ages of people and it didn’t seem so intimidating.

How did you find us?

On the internet.  I liked the all female aspect and the fact that you had classes and the option to do your own thing if you wanted to.

What changes have you noticed about yourself since coming here?

I feel better, lot more energy, I used to get headaches all the time and I don’t get those anymore.  I sleep better.  I’ve lost weight-at least three dress sizes.

How long did it take and what did you do while you were here?

I tried to come in three times a week and started with 30 minutes on the bike.  I tried to push myself a little bit each time I came whether it was increasing by 5 minutes or going a little bit harder for a few minutes. After 4 months I can run for 40 minutes.  I started with running 2 minutes and slowly increased from there.  Setting mini goals helped me.

What kept you going consistently?

I would plan in the beginning of the week when I planned to come to the gym.  I packed my bag and put it in the car.  The people at the front desk helped too-when will we see you again?  The e-mails helped too…. helped hold accountable.  very supportive.  seeing changes in myself was also motivation for me to keep going. Coming and getting started was the hardest part.  Once I did that it felt easier.  Even though I was tired some days I made myself do it and always felt better when I was leaving.

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