Teaches | Zumba

Teaching Style | Fun but safe, with a love of diverse cultures and people and all that entails.

Why I Enjoy Teaching Zumba

It is an hour where you can put your mind on autopilot and only think about music and dance for an hour. It’s fun and I love it. I love music and Zumba is my outlet for going out and dancing. Instead of going to a club, I create my own dance floor with my students.

Words of Wisdom to Students

There are no mistakes – only unexpected solos. We all have them! I didn’t grow up with Latin dance but the music is so infectious that it makes you want to dance.


I had been teaching fitness classes since 2002 and wanted to try something new. My mom had been taking Zumba classes in Costa Rica. I thought – if she could do it, I could do it too. Little did I know I would fall in love with Zumba. Little did I know Zumba would change my life. It expanded my musical knowledge and I learned new dance styles. It gave me more of an appreciation for other cultures.