Teaches |  Step, Cardio & Condition, Sculpt, Bootcamp, Silver Sneakers


Becky started working behind the front desk in 1996 and loved it so much she got certified in teaching and Personal Training and has been doing both since 1997. She bought the gym in 2003 and with the help of her employees grew the fitness program into a strong, solid and popular program specific to women of all fitness levels, ages, etc. She is certified by AFAA and NCSF, teaches step, cardio & condition, interval classes, organizes workshops, and does personal training. Why does she do it? “For the wonderful people I meet, my team, and the positive affect we have on so many lives. You truly get to know people. Some of my best friends are people I have worked with or met as members. It goes deeper than just weight loss and sweat. It’s the everyday things-the apple or gardenia that gets brought to me from someone’s yard, the family pictures that are shared, the tears that are cried, the breakthroughs that seem so small but are truly so large. I remember one member who said that because she finally started taking care of herself, it had a positive ripple effect on her family and the rest of her life. There’s a need and I love having a space for women and being able to help someone be the best she can be. Fitness is not just about losing weight, it’s about improving the quality of life – you are stronger, happier, more confident, and live a longer and healthier life. Our members say that our studio is not just a gym, it’s a community…people get to know each other and we support and help motivate each other. We encourage you to come, take care of yourself, take the time for you. No one has ever left regretting that she worked out.”

Fitness Tip | Have patience…results and success take time. Celebrate your courage: I think anytime we ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ is a story of triumph and inspiration. Whether it is buying a house, running a marathon, running a mile, first day of working out, etc. – to keep moving forward is a success.