Teaches | PILATES


Alyssa is NESTA certified in Mat Pilates and has been teaching Pilates at Powerlady Fitness since February 2012. Her journey with Pilates started with a pelvic bone injury in 2001, from which she practiced Pilates to help her get back on her feet – literally – and she continued to practice for 2 years afterward before getting her certification. Since then, Alyssa has been teaching Pilates for 7 years and still loves it. In her classes, members are inspired by her passion – her classes are fun, challenging, and always different. For variety, Alyssa utilizes the Pilates ball, the Pilates Magic Circle, or weights for toning. She also has experience working with students on back, shoulder, neck, and knee issues. She understands that everyone is different and strives to help her students to understand each Pilates exercise and how it can benefit their own body type. In addition to Pilates, Alyssa loves hiking, dancing, singing, and taking walks with her family. She encourages her family to stay active and tries to do some form of exercise every day.

Fitness Tip | Breathing-a proper inhale fuels your muscles with oxygen, and a powerful exhale helps you engage your deep abs to protect your spine and support your torso.